Why the Decor of Your Home Matters

Why the Decor of Your Home Matters


I was reading an interesting article the other day that was filled with statistics.  The numbers were staggering but what really was on my mind was how those numbers related we decorate our homes.  It all comes back to time, the time we spend under our own roof.  With some much time spent in our homes, the saying that your home should rise up to meet you and that it should fuel your soul is so…

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Inspiration {plus a design tip}

via When it comes to paint colors, finding the right color for your space can often be  a test of trial and error. 

A Collection of Creative Ideas

A Collection of Creative Ideas

There is so much more to creative design than how the furniture is arranged or what type of artwork you have on the wall.

Creative design comes in all forms…

The next time you are at the thrift store, don’t overlook those old kids chairs.  A little diy and you can turn them into stylish dog bowl holders that will feel apart of your décor.



There are so many unique uses for old ladders but…

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Gift Wrap Inspiration: Handmade Paper Bow

Gift Wrap Inspiration: Handmade Paper Bow

IMG_6316 copy

I almost always accent my gift with ribbon and 9 times out of 10 I add a ribbon bow.  That’s it until I got crafty and made my own paper bow.

Now I’m loving the idea of wrapping all my gifts with handmade paper bows.


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I’m Happy!

I’m Happy!

There are so many things to be happy about today….


I woke up to a pretty stack of presents….

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I’m packing to leave for my trip to DC tomorrow…


The weather in DC is looking like 70 degrees and sunshine…


I get to eat cake tonight…


And It’s My Birthday!


If you want to celebrate my birthday, I hope you’ll watch my favorite video and find your happiness today!


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A Uniquely Crafted Gift

A Uniquely Crafted Gift

I love to give gifts and when I can give something that is unique and unexpected that makes gift giving even more fun for me.

DIY Sewing Kit 6

This gift is going to my brother who recently moved from Kentucky to Washington DC and is without some key household items that can make life easier.  One of those items is a sewing kit.

DIY Sewing Kit

As a professional who is on the go constantly and doesn’t always have time to run to…

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American Dream Builders—The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

American Dream Builders–The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Hello there. So I’m going to get right to it. Have you all been watching Nate Berkus’ new show American Dream Builders? I have and boy has that show got me up in arms.


The show itself has a good format and I love seeing designers in all different areas of design working together.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for landscape design from watching the show. It’s amazing how creative you…

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Inspiration {+ a entertaining tip}

Inspiration {+ a entertaining tip}

For a good part of the country (sorry Minnesota) the season of outdoor entertaining is upon us.  To me that means lots of easy to prepare food served up in a fun and simple way.  Mason jars are super popular at the moment and are being used for all types of things.  I happen to think they make pretty great dessert cups, especially for strawberry shortcake in the spring.



Entertaining Tip: Whe…

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11 Design Details I’m Loving & that you can do in your own home

11 Design Details I’m Loving & that you can do in your own home


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Design is in the Details.  And that’s one of the things I love about design.  The fact that you can take a basic ordinary architectural element, accessory, furniture piece or decorative element and use it to create something unique and beautiful for your home.  I’m working on a project that is requiring me to think about details and how they…

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SIX Essential Travel Accessories

SIX Essential Travel Accessories

 I’m already preparing for my trip next week to Washington DC which tells you how excited I am about going to visit my brother, see the city and hopefully see the Cherry Blossom tress in full bloom.

After many years of traveling both domestically and to the far east I’ve pretty much mastered the art of packing and traveling.  One of the things I do to make packing easy is to always have my…

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